Custom Web Applications

*** Providing 100% customized turnkey solutions ***

Brainz Technologies follows the best web development practices to deliver highly scalable, reliable and secure customized web solutions. These can can be targeted at different verticals and domains like social networking/dating, eCommerce, CMS, gaming, health care, online invoicing systems, travel/tourism, banking, marketing, printing, real estate, retail and other utility web applications.

Our customized web solutions are successfully running with high online traffic day after day. The best part about getting a customized solution developed is that there is no baggage involved. At times, if we decide to go with customizing a open source, there is lots of unwanted functionality and complexity which you have to stay content with. It does reduce development cost at times but the system is too cumbersome to use. Our 100% customized solutions are designed to match what is needed at that point. But we make sure that in future in case the need arises they should be easily scalable without the need of doing everything from scratch.

*** Latest web development practices ***

Brainz Technologies is continuously working on keeping themselves acquainted with latest trends and technologies on web. We make it a point to implement those while developing the solutions and thus leveraging all the benefits that come along with those latest technologies.